Air freight

Reliance on movement of cargo by air is increasing exponentially all over the world. Airfreight is growing bigger in effectiveness and efficiency day after day, triggering more competitive prices.

Standardization and regulation have provided the security, effectiveness, and efficiency to the benefit of the trade. It is the quickest transport at an international scope.


Our agency network all over the key airports of the world, plus the preferential deals we have with the main international lines, guarantee the necessary space for all kind of import and export services combined with the best market services.

The purpose of our team is to support all the deliveries with the best agility, offering the most competitive prices, avoiding over storage costs and facilitating its tracking and monitoring.

End-to-end integral solutions for all kind of merchandise and different sorts of packaging:

  • General merchandise
  • Dangerous merchandise
  • Pallets
  • Boxes
  • Bags
  • Roll
  • Etc…

Our main regular air traffic and services are:

Export to Turkey
Export to Dubai
Export to Qatar
Export to Chile
Export to Mexico
Export to Peru

Import to China
Import to India
Import to Hong Kong
Import to South Korea
Import to Taiwan
Import to Vietnam
Import to Thailand
Import to USA
Import to Turkey