Sea freight

Our positioning of the main ports in the country: Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia, Algeciras, Vigo and Bilbao, together with the extended international agency network, allow us to offer a wide range of high quality shipping services. We provide a flexible commercial assistance that sets up quick responses and regular inspections of our tariffs, and joining it with the preferential deals we have with the main ship-owners of the world, we can dispose of highly competitive prices in order for our clients to achieve the optimal level of logistic expenses.


The operating maritime transport team will assist you at any specific service according to your needs.  If the customer requests, she will be assigned with an agent for monitoring and control, preparation assistance for the required documentation, negotiation, internal/external control, management and personal advising.

We manage every step to give you visibility throughout the process.

Regular maritime services for export import and cross-trade:

Full container load service (FCL):

  • Standard Dry 20′, 40′ y 40’HC
  • Reefer 20’RF, 40’ Y 40’HRF
  • Open Top 20’,40’
  • Flat Racks 20’FR, 40’
  • Isotanks
  • Liquid or solid bulks. (LinerBag, Flexitank, BigBag, IBC).

Less than a Container Load (LCL):

  • Consolidated and deconsolidated. Pay for the real space you occupy, under an exhaustive tracking and control, avoiding over storage costs.
  • End-to-end integral solutions for all kind of merchandise and different sorts of packaging.
  • General and dangerous merchandise (Pallets, Boxes, Bags, Rolls and many others).

Our main regular maritime traffic and services are:


Exports to Dubai.
Exports to Qatar.
Exports to Morocco.
Exports to Algeria.
Exports to Tunisia.
Exports to Israel.
Exports to Turkey.
Exports to Chile.
Exports to Mexico.
Exports to Peru.

Imports from China.
Imports from India.
Imports from Hong Kong.
Imports from South Korea.
Imports from Taiwan.
Imports from Vietnam.
Imports from Thailand.
Imports from Turkey.
Imports from USA.