AEO Certification (Authorized Economic Operator )

The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification was created to provide optimal security measures to facilitate the flow of goods in international trade. This certification, therefore, certifies compliance with specific security measures and best practices in all supply chains. Therefore, all economic operators with AEO certification, such as our freight forwarder eGlobe, are considered reliable partners in international supply chains of goods.


Requirements to become an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)


Any person, natural or legal, can become an Authorized Economic Operator as long as they are established in the European Union and meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a favorable Record of Compliance with customs and tax requirements, for at least the last four years of exercise.
  2. To have an accounting and logistic system with a correct traceability of the operations, of the control of the flow of goods, of the filing and security of the information gathered, as well as standardized customs procedures.
  3. Demonstrate financial solvency for a minimum period of three years.
  4. Comply with customs safety and security standards, such as having a security plan according to risk and threat assessments, physical security of personnel, logistical processes and audits performed by external security services.


Compliance with these requirements also depends on the type of AEO certificate to be obtained. You can read more information about it in this link of the Tax Agency.


Types of Authorized Economic Operator Certificates


There are up to three types of AEO authorization: 

  • AEOC- Customs simplifications or Authorized Economic Operator Certificate Customs Simplifications: it is focused on simplification in customs regulations. 
  • AEOS-Security and Safety or Authorized Economic Operator Certificate Security and Safety: It is focused on customs security and safety of goods. 
  • AEOF: The combination of both, AEOC + AEOS.


eGlobe: Advantages of being an AEO Authorized Economic Operator certified company


Using any of the available certifications (AEOC, AEOS or AEOF) allows Authorized Economic Operators to enjoy the following benefits:


  • Reduction in the number of controls in physical and documentary management, as well as priority in the same.
  • Easier access to customs and the possibility of not carrying out controls in customs areas.
  • Prior notification, by customs, of the result of the risk analysis carried out for security reasons and if the shipment has been selected for physical inspection.
  • International recognition as a secure operator, linked to legitimate trade.
  • To be AEO implies a plus of reputation before other operators that do not have this certification.
  • Opportunity to use the certificate as a commercial tool.


On the other hand, as we have mentioned above, the Tax Agency has granted eGlobe the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate of Safety and Security (AEOS), which defines us as a reliable, compliant and trustworthy economic operator for customs operations. This means that:


  • Goods that are produced, stored, shipped or transported on the order of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), that are delivered to the AEO or that are delivered or delivered on the order of the AEO, are produced, stored, prepared and loaded in secure facilities or secure loading or shipping areas.
  • Such goods are protected from unauthorized access or tampering during production, storage, preparation, loading and transportation.
  • Reliable personnel are available to handle the production, storage, preparation, loading and transportation of these goods.
  • Business partners acting on our behalf or on behalf of eGlobe are informed that they too must secure the supply chain in the manner described above.


With advantages such as these in terms of customs simplifications and security and safety facilities, we at eGlobe are at your disposal to offer you excellent management of your goods throughout the European Union. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.