PUE ROHS and DOCUCICE. New tools of the SOIVRE Inspection Service for the control of electronic components

The ESTATICE platform is well known by customs agents, importing companies and in general by all of us who work with the Official Customs Inspection, Surveillance and Regulation Service (SOIVRE). Today we would like to point out the new features that this agency plans to implement as of January 16, 2023, in accordance with Royal Decree 993/2022.


As we know, the import of electronics, batteries and accumulators from non-EU countries is growing very fast and reached around one million items in 2022.


For this reason, the Ministry has decided to improve the tools that have been used up to now, to increase efficiency and simplify the processing of inspections.


These measures, detailed in the decree, complement previous provisions and are in line with the measures promoted by the European Union to regulate in particular the treatment of waste generated by this type of products.


We will try to clarify which are the novelties that affect us regarding these new controls.



First of all, we would like to clarify that this Decree does not establish novelties in the control nor in the restrictions that apply to these products. These are exactly the same as those already provided for in Royal Decrees 219/2013, 110/2015 and 106/2008. Therefore, these restrictions are already currently being applied.


What changes then? The way in which the control is carried out, which from the implementation date will be done through the following tools:


PUE ROHS (rohs Single Point of Entry)

From now on, tax formalities with the AEAT, as well as SOIVRE inspections, will be carried out through a single customs window, which we will access through the ESTATICE platform.


At the time of writing, PUE ROHS is in the testing phase. If you are an ESTATICE user, it is already available to you, albeit intermittently, pending resolution of the latest technical issues.


DOCUCICE Document Repository

Another new feature of interest is the launch of this tool, with which we will be able to manage the technical documentation of imported products in a simpler, more convenient and efficient way.


DOCUCICE will allow us to upload and store the technical documentation related to our imports of these products. The most interesting thing is that, in the frequent cases of recurrent imports -for example, battery items for electronic devices- the documentation will always be available to the service, avoiding the need to deliver it every time a new import takes place.


Thus, through DOCUCICE, we will advance the documentary control. This will allow us to automate risk analysis and significantly speed up this management.



From eGlobe, as an expert freight forwarder in imports and exports, we can carry out for you all the formalities required by the SOIVRE Inspection Service. However, if you prefer to do them internally, these are the points to take into account:


  1. Prepare our IT tools to be able to interact with the PUE. To this end, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has published an information page aimed at resolving any doubts that may arise for the developer. This will make it possible to optimize to the maximum all the tools that SOIVRE now makes available to operators.
  2. To be registered in the Integrated Industrial Registry (RII) and ensure compliance with the obligations foreseen for importers of this kind of products.
  3. Prepare the technical documentation before starting the importation. In this sense, the Ministry indicates that numerous cases of presentation of untruthful documents for control have been detected and insists on the need for extreme controls by the issuing laboratory.
  4. Use DOCUCICE to speed up the usual import procedures. This official presentation will clarify most of the doubts in this respect.



eGlobe, as a freight forwarder and logistics operator in Spain, offers you all our experience to guarantee maximum agility in all your import and export activities, with special attention to technological tools.


Our strong vocation for individualized service and our proactivity lead us to be always prepared for new developments such as this one. Therefore, as soon as the provisions of this Royal Decree are implemented, we will have all the advantages of these new tools at your disposal.