Reverse Logistics



Reverse logistics refers to the supply chain management aspects of moving goods or materials from consumers to producers or collection points for subsequent reuse, recycling or disposal.


Generally, the success of the chain tended to be measured when the goods reached the consumer or end user in the shortest possible time; but looking beyond customer satisfaction, a successful supply chain is one in which the process is seen as a whole, while reducing the impact on the environment.

At eGlobe, we are committed to offering end-to-end logistics solutions in line with our values. The supply chain does not end with delivery to the end consumer, it persists.




The key point of reverse logistics is to recover the value of the item or dispose of it to retain repeat customers. E-commerce returns continue to grow globally and become a common part of the customer’s buying process and supply chain.

A well-planned and coordinated reverse logistics policy can help reduce warehousing and distribution costs, make the supply chain more sustainable and meet customer demand.

Many companies use return policies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The most advanced companies that use this best practice help increase customer loyalty and reduce return losses.




Efficient management

This process handles customer product returns. Actions must be fast and flexible because customers will judge a company by its return flow and return policy.


Return policy

The policies on returns that a company shares with customers are recorded as returns policy and procedure. These guidelines should be clear and consistent and team members should also follow them.



The replenishment process includes repairing, rebuilding and redesigning the product. Companies salvage interchangeable and reusable parts or materials from other products.


Failed delivery process

If there are failed deliveries, drivers return the products to the sorting center. From there, the center returns the products to their point of origin. Some sorting centers may have personnel available to determine why a delivery failed and to correct problems.




Within the industry, ReverseMi is a global logistics network of freight forwarders and logistics companies specializing in reverse logistics. They are providers of a community of like-minded freight forwarders to promote the opportunities of this type of logistics.

eGlobe is proud to be part of ReverseMi as a further step in our clear ecological strategy based on the conviction to do everything in our power to preserve our planet. By promoting reverse logistics we want to raise awareness of its importance in a circular economy and waste minimization.