The growth of the logistics market in the Port of Seville

Logistics is growing, and changing before our eyes, with staggering speed. E-commerce was the engine, the pandemic, the accelerator, and Amazon, the vector. And one lucky day, Amazon decided to set up shop in the Port of Sevilla.


Tens of thousands of shipping agents in Sevilla have benefited from this distribution behemoth, as well as manufacturing, export and import, which, with or without Amazon, move an incredible amount of goods every day. So, when Bezos’ company chooses a location, it multiplies its logistical potential.


This is what happened in 2018, when Amazon set its sights on the Port of Sevilla. For many, especially freight forwarding companies and agencies in Sevilla, it was clear that the Andalusian capital, in a similar way to Zaragoza, offered a strategic location for the sector. The arrival of this firm was the starting signal for the establishment of many logistics companies. And eGlobe among them.


New freight forwarders in Sevilla


In Sevilla, or nearby, many important world trade events take place. Just two hours away by motorway we have one of the most important ports in Europe, the obligatory stopover point for ships crossing Suez to the Atlantic and the overland passage between Africa and Europe. Everything at the same place.


Moreover, Sevilla has its own role to play in this scenario. The Port of Sevilla has a long tradition and, in the 16th century, it was the most important port on the continent, thanks to its position as the arrival point for American goods. Today it is an infrastructure of enormous importance, whose LAZ creates around 15,000 jobs, and provides all kinds of services such as beaconing, maintenance, berthing, storage of goods, cranes, water, electricity supply and weighing scales.


Furthermore, since Amazon’s arrival, logistics activity related to the digital channel, and other channels as well, has multiplied. As ABC pointed out last October, “this movement has a silent impact on the metropolitan area of the Andalusian capital, where huge logistics infrastructures are emerging for the storage and distribution of the huge volume of products” that arrive at its ZAL by various means.


Therefore, young forwarding companies have also emerged, adapted to the modern times, such as eGlobe, which offers pallet, groupage and full load services in Sevilla, with the best transport and warehousing service, also providing all the services related to customs clearance.


In practical terms, the logistics area of Sevilla is divided into two sectors, La Negrilla and Majarabique. The first is integrated into the city and mainly serves the distribution needs of Sevilla’s transport agencies. Majarabique, on the other hand, is more global, and incorporates, among others, the activity of the port and the Huelva railway terminal, with a notorious container operation. It is this area that aspires to play a strategic role and become a reference in the field of intermodal transport.


The Port of Seville Logistics Zone in figures


Since its construction, this Logistics Zone has become the most relevant in the South. With 168,000 m2 built with an occupancy rate of nearly 99% of the built-up area, it houses facilities of Airbus Defence, Grifols, or El Corte Inglés, in addition to the aforementioned Amazon.


Its growth, even with the pandemic hiatus taken into account, is still on track. Just this month, we received news of new projects in the sector.


Neither can we forget that Andalusia is home to seven nodes of the European Logistics Network and, as we have already mentioned, it is the mandatory route by road to Morocco and, from there, to Africa – linking the Maghreb kingdom with the Mediterranean Corridor.


Everything indicates that the Port of Sevilla is on its way to being one of the logistical main actors of the coming years.


Freight forwarders in Seville, integral logistic services


For us, Sevilla is a new opportunity to put our business philosophy into practice, which is defined by our comprehensive approach, efficiency, transparency and professionalism. That is why we have transport companies in Sevilla as well as a consolidated worldwide network of correspondents.


But above all, the aim is to offer a tailored and personal service. This means being close to our customers: not only close to them, but also, and mostly, close to their needs. This is the pivot on which the sector’s future demands and offers will be developed. Demands and offers that will include:


  • Air, sea, rail and road transport.
  • Customs management in import and export.
  • Warehousing services for the intermodality.


In the short-term future, digitalization, traceability and the irruption of new technologies – today blockchain, tomorrow we will see – will require new and demanding skills from all actors in the logistics chain that will allow importing and exporting companies to adapt to the changing demands of global trade. At eGlobe we are always working with our sights set on this horizon, and with the confidence to continue to be, always, a logistics partner of reference for our customers and suppliers.


As a freight forwarder in Sevilla, Barcelona and Alicante, eGlobe has a worldwide network of up to 500 correspondents who provide services by air, land or sea. We have all the actors in the international logistics chain fully coordinated.


Transport agencies in Sevilla are the most common option when it comes to distributing goods throughout Andalusia and Spain. Due to their geographical position, transport agencies and forwarding companies located in Sevilla allow you to reduce costs for regional transport services in Andalusia and national territory.


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